Incoming storm over Dunbar


Mixed media artist, Michelle Skotzen is inspired by big skies, wild beaches and the colours of the ever changing landscape around the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and beyond.  Working from her studio in Melrose, she loves to recreate these atmospheric places with a mix of oil, acrylic and metallic pigments to capture the emotion of the sky, land and sea.


Latest artwork & inspiration

Spittal Beach cloudscape

Inspired by the mesmerising vast clouds  at Spittal beach, the huge skies envelope the soul and allow the eye to hunt down the small traces of colour….

Mixed media - acrylic, oil and metallic pigment

42cm (w) x 29cm (h).


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15 x 15cm paintings on Birchwood panels

Up coming events

Art at Ancrum

30 April to 2 May 2022

Venue 7 - Alewood

Ancurm Villge, Scottish Borders, TD8 6UX

Past events

Borders Art Fair

25 to 27 March 2022

Stand 48

Borders Events Centre, Kelso, TD5 8LS


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